Optimize the charge mix



At the least cost.

Problems in the foundry industry

Inaccurate Calculations

Inaccurate Calculations

  • Leads to higher final alloy cost
  • Difficult to achieve target alloy chemstry within the specified tight bands
Multiple Additions needed

Multiple Additions needed

  • Multiple addition leads to extended melting time
  • Power and man hour wasted during multiple additions
  • Results in poor productivity per shift
Hard to know actual costs

Hard to know actual costs

  • Alloy cost varies widely by batch
  • Additions are expensive when using pure materials
  • Hard to forecast batch time


Calculator for alloy blends

  • Given raw material costs and specifications, calculates the least cost solution to produce an alloy

Fast & precision calculation

  • Amsolve Solver provides typical accuracy of 0.005% (50 PPM) along with the calculation proof
  • Consistent microstructure and physical properties

One click insight reports

  • Store - Inventory levels and Inventory valuation
  • Raw material usage and Alloy production

Cloud based service

  • Nothing to install or maintain
  • Always at the latest version
  • New features automatically available

Use any\all available material

  • Monetize non moving materials & run your foundry the Lean way
  • Use leftover alloys to make another alloy

Use different material

  • Reduce cost by choosing cheaper materials in market

Ease of use

  • Fast and friendly user interface
  • Easy for new users. Minimal typing required
  • Drag and Drop option for uploading data

Overal benifits

  • Least cost alloy production
  • Consistent product in a timely manner
  • Maximizes production

Meet Our Team

Rohit Divekar

MS in Material Science & Metallurgy
from RWTH Aachen University, Germany.
Has been associated with the foundry industry for more than a decade and has worked at foundries of
MAHLE, Germany & THYSSEN KRUPP, Germany.

Jay Kelkar

BA Mathematics and MS Computer Science, USA
Designer / Architect / Programmer
at Kelkar Systems / Textler Inc. USA.
Previously in Telephony, Banking, Natural Resources, Healthcare.

What people are saying about us

We were able to save to the tune of 4,50,000 INR per month by using an alternate scrap suggested by Amsolve Solver to produce an alloy which has been in production since 15 years.

Mr. Babu
India Pistons Limited, Plant Manager (Alfin insert division)

Total non moving inventory weighing 7,500Kgs worth 4,44,150 INR ( USD 7000 ) was consumed over 3 months after implementation of Solver

Mr. Sharavana
Perfect Alloy Components, Foundry Manager

Extra 48 heats were poured in a month as compared to the previous average production. In 80% of the heats the chemistry was achieved in the first charge addition sequence. Cost saving per month INR 3,60,000 ( USD 5,500 ).

Mr. Ravikumar
Newcast Technologies, Plant Manager

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Amsolve India LLP
D4-KSSIDC, Sagar Road
Shivamogga - 577201 - India

Rohit Divekar

Email: rdivekar@amsolve.com

Jay Kelkar

Email: jkelkar@amsolve.com